Medical consumable products

CHEMPATEX offers medical consumable products at decent prices and excellent quality to their partners.

Dressing products

Gauze rolls
Gauze bandages
Cotton absorbent gauze
Gauze compresses
Zinc oxide adhesive plaster
Umbilical tape
Elastic crepe bandages

Syringes and needles

Disposable syringes
Vaccination syringes
Safety syringes
Disposable needles
Infusion sets
Transfusion sets
Scalp vein sets
I.V. catheters
Safety I.V. catheters


Suction tubes
Suction connecting tubes
Suction nozzles
Redon suction systems and accessories
Yankauer suction sets
Thorax catheters

Oxygen catheters
Nasal oxygen cannula
Carlens tubes
Endotracheal tubes
Feeding tubes
Mucus extractors

Oxygen connection tubes
Tracheal suction sets
Torax drainage systems


Paediatric urine bags
Adult urine bags
Female catheters
Nelaton catheters
Tiemann catheters
Foley catheters
Irrigation catheters
Ureter catheters

Rectal balloon catheters
Rectal tubes

Levin tubes
Suction catheters


Latex examination gloves
Surgeon’s gloves
Nitrile gloves
Polyethylene gloves
Elbow gloves
Post mortem gloves


General surgical instruments
Disposable surgical instruments
Surgical blades
Surgical safety blades
Medical weighing scales
Rigid endoscopes